Coronavirus Disease ( COVID-19 ) advice for the public

Coronavirus spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets – packed with the virus – into the air. Learn More About COVID-19).  

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Course Curriculum

The coronavirus outbreak (2019 nCoV) explained through 3D Medical Animation
What is Corona Virus
0 Hours 2 minutes00:02
What can people do to protect themselves and others from getting the new coronavirus
What measure to take to prevent.
0 Hours 8 minutes00:08
Frequently Asked Questions About Corona Virus.
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
How to Be Ready for coronavirus
0 Hours 6 minutes00:06
Protect yourself and others from getting sick
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
How to cope with stress during 2019-nCoV outbreak
0 Hours 4 minutes00:04
Stay healthy while travelling
0 Hours 3 minutes00:03
How to Make Hand Sanitizer _ DIY _ Real Simple_
How to Make Hand Sanitizer.
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Handwashing- The 12 Steps
Handwashing- The 12 Steps
0 Hours 5 minutes00:05

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