Using Dreamweaver to build Dynamic Web Applications 

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Dreamweaver is a site creation and management tool, used to create individual documents and complete websites. A Dreamweaver site provides a way to organize and manage all of your web documents, upload your site to a web server, track and maintain your links, and manage and share files.

Course Curriculum

Using Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3
1. WorkspaceFREE 00:07:00
a) Dreamweaver workflow and workspaceFREE 00:08:00
ii) Workspace layout overviewFREE 00:08:00
iii) Workspace elements overviewFREE 00:11:00
iv) Document window overviewFREE 00:11:00
v) Document toolbar overviewFREE 00:10:00
vi) Status bar overviewFREE 00:02:00
vii) Insert bar overviewFREE 00:02:00
viii) Coding toolbar overview 00:00:00
ix) Property inspector overview 00:00:00
x) Reports in DreamweaverFREE 00:02:00
b) Customizing the Dreamweaver CS3 workspaceFREE 00:02:00
ii) Hide and display the Welcome screenFREE 00:02:00

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