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    The evolution of Interactive whiteboard started in the basic concept of the typical whiteboards. Therefore, even the instructors who are not very comfortable with modern day electronic equipments find it user friendly when the Interactive Whiteboards come into picture. The Interactive Whiteboard helps in implant the use of e-learning. The learners realize effortlessly. The group dialogue opens new ways for the same subjects as well as the classes become more energetic and interactive. The students learn to work in group for your given project work or any task area. Even the bashful student is bound to contribute the group work. Review or the feedback will be rapid and the comprehension of the subject matter is more effective.

    Selected disadvantage is also connected as the conventional whiteboard are much cheaper than the IWB. The cost shoots up as the actual IWB comes with the set of Projector and computer. The surface of the snowboards if damaged requirements an expensive substitute.

    Awareness or the display in the front projected boards might be obscured by the people.

    It has been also realized that fixed boards installed on the wall could possibly be too elevated to arrive at or low down to become visible. Several data entry results in onscreen gibberish. In unusual instances the distant users send distressing comments and paintings which interrupts the session.

    In spite of these kind of an interactive whiteboards are frequently utilised more in business houses and educational applications. The conference as well as meetings can come into a standstill if the basic amenities like Interactive Whiteboards wander away in the board group meetings. Velocities, interactivity and multi tasked include the key notes in the new epoch of Interactive Whiteboards.

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