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  • Sweet Wise posted an update 9 minutes ago

    The home sector welcomes the #9 Star of Future Prosperity and indicates that bringing projects and plans to a prosperous conclusion is favored. Moderately superior fortune is in the horoscope forecast 2019 for the sign of the Snake, in spite of a handful of areas where caution must be made use of. The reason for the caution is that this year is…[Read more]

  • Lynn Carroll posted an update 11 minutes ago

    Plantings and lush, green lawns surrounding the house give a very good indication of the neighborhood’s chi. The home must not be built on a ridge, on a cliffside, at a river outlet, subsequent to a bridge or highway, or at an intersection. Your home path, the atmosphere outside and inside your residence are all crucial. In the same way, you w…[Read more]

  • Sweet Wise became a registered member 13 minutes ago

  • Aycock Bird posted an update 13 minutes ago

    In some cases, based on the type of compass you have, the intercardinal points of Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest will also be shown. From there, you will need to divide your floor plan into 8 sections making use of the measurements of the compass locations with your protractor. This will look like a basic eight line star with all…[Read more]

  • Lynn Carroll became a registered member 14 minutes ago

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