Virtual network computing is a process of controlling a computer remotely via internet .Using this technology we can control a server computer, which is in remote place by sitting in front of a client computer. An image of the desktop of the server is brought to our computer and making events in client computer we can any work in the server computer. The mode of communication between the involved computers is the Internet. The desktop image of the server is appears to the client computers desktop and making events hence we can perform any task work in the server computer as if he/she is performing in her own computer.

The applications of this technology include; Access information maybe in the house from office, check emails and download to your own personal computer, start or stop some computation which you forgot in the office. Virtual private network have features like, it is small and simple, it is truly platform-independent, it is sharable, and it is free. This technology however has some limitations like: Doesn‟t have modem access or features and its display can be a bit slow and/or incomplete. The virtual private network is a future oriented technology of communication since it is easy to learn and use, support platform independency and multi-user. It is remote display system which allows you to view a computing desktop environment not only on the machine where it is running but from anywhere  on  the  internet.

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