Student Guide


A) Overview


In this guide we'll learn how a student interacts at various points in the UJANJALMS site.The below diagram gives a basic overview of interaction points in the UJANJALMS theme.


B) Become a Student


1. Register

To register a student can simply click on the signup link in the header or the signup button in the Login panel.

If the WP FB Auto connect plugin is installed and connected with the facebook APP the student can simply click on facebook button in the Login form to sign up or login in the site as a Student.

On clicking the page the student is taken to the Registeration page.

Student should fill all the details in the registeration page and click on complete signup button at the bottom of the registeration form.

After this, the student gets an email at the registered email address with an activation link.

The Student account is finally created in the site only when student clicks on the activation link.

Student can now login in UJANJALMS using the login/password credentials entered in the registeration form.



2.Profile Fields


After registeration student may be required to fill in more details. To Access the pofile information, a student can :

1.Login to the UJANJALMS site

2.Click on View Profile link in the Login panel

3.Click on Edit button to edit the profile.

4.Enter the fields, there may be multiple field groups which the student can switch to fill the details.




A Student can change her avatar from the edit profile section itself. The Avatar edit section can be located in the profile section. The student can simply edit the avatar, delete the avatar or upload a new avatar. Upon uploading the new avatar the student can also crop it to a fitting size.


C)Taking Courses

This section covers all the aspects of Student pursuing a course in detail. Right from browsing the course, to purchasing , completing the course, checking the results for the course and finally submitting the course and gettting a badge or certificate for the course.


A student can browse through all the courses throught the Course directory. The course directory consists of all the courses from all the instructors. Each course line in course directory shows the Title of the course, a short description of the course, the price of the connected product for the course, the ratings, review count of the course and the total number of students which have taken the course.

A student can use the search bar to search for a specific course.

A student can sort the course directory. Following are options available for sorting the directory:

1.Alphbetical : Shows the courses in Alphbetical order.

2.Newly Created : [Default] Shows the courses in Date published order.

3.Most Members : Shows the courses in Student count order.

4.Highest Rated : Shows the courses in star Rating number order.

After finlaizing on a course, the student can simply click on the course name to see the course page.

The course page contains several details for a student to decide on to take the course.

1.Vital Information is located on top right corner with information like : Required Pre-Course, Price of Course, Course Badge, Course CErtificate.

2.Course Description is shown on the course home page

3.Course Reviews are shown at the end of the course description

4.Total number of students who have taken the course.

5.Students Taking the course can be seen in the Students section in the Course home.

6.Student can also view course curriculum.

7.Student can click on Free units to go through each unit.





To purchase the course a student simply needs to click on "Take the Course" button, the student is then redirect to the connected product for the course.

A connected product can be of One time payment type or Subscription type

A Student can also browse through the Products and there may be products which may offer a combination of courses.

Student can simply add the product to the cart and proceed with the purchase process to purchase the product.

After Purchasing the product, student is automatically connected to the course group and forums.


3.Starting a Course

Once the student has purchased the course, the student is eligible to take the course. If a course has Pre-Required course then the student can not start the course unless the pre-required course is finished and evaluated by the instructor.

Once the course has been started the student can access the course units and can access the course timeline.

Each unit may be connected to a Unit forums where a student can ask questions and interact with the Instructor and other students.

A student can also download attachments for each unit. A student can also download attachments uploaded in the group.



4.Completing Units


After the student has finished with a unit, the student can mark the unit complete.

To mark the unit as complete the student simply needs to click on the link at the bottom of each unit "Mark Unit complete".

Once the Unit is marked as complete, a green colored dot appears on the course timeline in front of the marked unit.


5.Taking a Quiz


Quizes are an integral part of UJANJALMS. Quiz are independent units which can or can not be connected to any course.

A student can simply click on the Quiz in the course timeline to being with the Quiz.

Upon clicking the link the student is taken to the quiz interface. The quiz page shows instructions for the quiz.

To start the quiz the student simply needs to click on start quiz button.

Once the quiz is started the timer starts running.

If a student drops out from the quiz, the student can join the quiz within the time allotted for the quiz. Which means the timer will keep on running even if the student is not taking the quiz.

The Quiz can be submitted by the student simply by clicking on the button Submit Quiz.

If the student does not submit the quiz and the timer counts down to Zero, the quiz is automatically submitted.

Once the quiz is submitted the student can check her marked answers by clicking on Check quiz results button.

Now student awaits for instructor to evaluate the Quiz.


6.Submitting Courses

Once all Units and Quizes in the course are complete

The student can go to course timeline and click on Finish course button the submit the course for evaluation.



Quiz Results

Once the students have submitted the quiz.

The Instructor evaluates the quiz and an automatic message is sent to the students with their marks from link to check the quiz scores.

The student can also check the quiz results in the Profile -> Courses -> Results section.

Course Results

Once the Instructor has evaluated the submitted courses and given marks to each student for course. The student recieves an automatic message and notification. The message contains the percentage student got in the course.

The student can check the Course percentage in the Profile -> Courses -> Stats section

courseevaluated results

8.Badges & Certificates

If the student has got course pecentage above the Badge percentage then the student gets a badge. This badge is shown in students profile.

If the student has got course percentage above the passing percentage then the student gets a passing certificate. This certificate is shown in the Students profile page. The student can also print this certificate.




BuddyPress offers a variety of components to promote interaction among students and instructors.


If Friendship component is enabled in buddypress then a student can send friendship request to other members (students+ instructors). Friends have access to send private message and invite each other groups etc..

2.Private Messaging

Private messaging allows greater interaction among students.

Quiz and Course results are sent to users via private messaging, wherein students can directly interact with their instructor on the results.




Each course can be connected to a Group and while students access to course is limited but a student is a lifetime member to a course. Using external plugins like Group documents, instructor can send assignments to students via this mode.


Each course and unit can be connected to forums. Each group can also be connected to a forum. If the group is private then the forum access if allowed only to group members. Which make the forum an exclusive forum for course members. We recommend connecting this same forum with the Groups course.


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